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  • Happy Words scrabble game is now on PlayStation and Xbox.
    Also available on Nintendo Switch this new console version is drastically improved as graphics, functionality and bug fixes..
    Get it from PlayStation store or Get it from Xbox store Happy Words scrabble for PlayStation and Xbox
    Play it on your couch with your friends and family with up to 4 players
    14.12.2023 07:20
  • We just updated Rento game for PlayStation and Xbox. Added tons of new features like "Deep board", team play, strategy cards, tournaments and many other cool new features. Download for PlayStation or Download for XboxRento for PS5 and Xbox
    25.11.2023 09:13
  • We just released new "Chess" game that works on all browsers.
    07.07.2023 20:54
  • "Ludo" game in now working on all browsers.
    09.06.2023 07:48
  • "Sheep War" in now working on all browsers
    19.03.2023 11:40
  • We just released new WEB version of Backgammon game. Check it out HERE backgammon online
    26.02.2023 16:12
  • We just released new WEB version of Mystic Miracles game. Check it out HERE 7 wonders
    09.02.2023 18:30
  • The new version of Rento is on iOS Rento MonopolyBuild your monopoly now.
    02.05.2017 05:40
  • Rento now supports 6 players. Enjoy! :)
    09.02.2017 10:39
  • In Rento we added "SPEED DICE" mode. You can play with 3 dices where the third dice has special sides.
    09.02.2017 10:38
  • Check out our mobile game Mystic Miracles 7 wonders
    18.05.2015 17:30