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ONLINE Mystic Miracles (7 wonders game)

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  • Players:3 to 5
  • Added:20.11.2015
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Mystic Miracles is online card board game similar to 7 wonders for 3-5 players, in which you have to build wonders, play cards, trade resources and more..
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RULES OF Mystic Miracles

This is a board game which is played by 3 to 5 players.
The goal in the game is to make as many "final points" as possible.
Winner is the player who got the most.
Every player starts the game with 5 coins which he can use in the game to buy resources and cards.

In the beginning of the game every player gets miracle cardboard
which has 2 sides - side A and side B.

Every player must choose which side would like to play.
There are 7 different miracles (they all have side A and side B)
and these sides contain 3 different steps (crystal balls)
which give to the player different benefits.


This game has 3 different epochs - 1, 2 and 3.
For each epoch there there is deck of cards.

Cards are dealt to players and every player has to choose which card to play.
In order to play a card you have to pay the cost of the card.
Some cards are free to play.
The others require to pay coins for them or to have specific resources.
If a player does not have some resource to play the card
- he can rent it from the left or right player around him for 2 coins.
This card for example requires gold and wood resources to be played.

Except played, one card can be sold out for 3 coins or used to build state of your miracle.

When every player is done choosing card - remaining cards are passed left or right (depending on the epoch) and card selection continues until 2 cards are left.

The last remaining cards are thrown away and the epoch is over.
Once the epoch is over - soldier army is compared (red cards).
Every player battles his left and right opponents. Player who wins takes "x" final points and the player who loses takes -1 final point.
In epoch 1 winner gets +1 final point
In epoch 2 winner gets +3 final points
In epoch 3 winner gets +5 final points

Next epoch begins by dealing the next epoch cards to players.
When all 3 epochs are over - the game is over and the player with most victory points wins the game.


The game has 7 different colors of cards.
-Brown cards(resources)
-Gray cards(special resources)
-Red cards(army cards)
-Blue cards(final points cards)
-Green cards(technology cards)
-Yellow cards(profession cards)
-Purple cards(special profession cards)

The symbols at the top of the cards specify what goods the cards are giving you if you play them.

The small icons on the bottom of the card indicate the resources (or coins) needed to play the card.
The small icon on the top right corner of the card indicate can you play it.
If dollar icon is present - this means that you have to rent some resources from your neighbors to play the card (or pay the bank)


Brown cards are resource cards and are used to play other cards.
There are 4 types of resources: water, ore, rock and wood.
In this example the card is giving you two resources - water OR ore and the price for playing it is one coin.
Please not that it does not give them both, but either one of them.


Gray cards are special resources and they are used to play more valuable cards.
These special resources are three: gold, diamond and pearl.
In this example - the card is FREE.


Blue cards (Buildings) are directly giving you "final points".
The more points is this card giving - the more resources it requires to play.
The card in the example is FREE.


Red cards are army cards. They give you soldiers (archers).
They give 1, 2 or 3 soldiers. The card in the example gives 2.
Soldiers are compared at the end of every epoch. Every player battles his neighbors on left and right


Green cards are technology cards. They are a bit more complex.
Green cards give you 3 items - flask, wheel and fire.
You can make many final points because of the green cards but you have to have many of them.
They are scored in types.

1 flask = 1 final point
2 flasks = 4 final points (2x2)
3 flasks = 9 final points (3x3)
Additional 7 points are given per set of the three items.
So if you have 2 flasks, 2 wheels and 1 fire it will give you
2x2 + 2x2 + 1x1 + 7 = 16 final points
If you had 2 fires instead it would give you 26 final points:
2x2 + 2x2 + 2x2 + 7 + 7
(another 7 because of the second set of the three cards)


Yellow cards (profession cards) are special cards which give you different goods.
Resources from yellow cards can not be rented from neighbors.

This card gives you 1 coin and 2 final points for every brown card you have

This card give you 2 final points and 1 coin for every state of your miracle that you built.

This card gives makes wood, ore, water and rock resource rentals from your right opponent on half price (1 coin)

This card makes gold, diamond and pearl special resources rentals from your right and left opponents on half price (1 coin)

This card gives you these resources (but one at a time)

This card gives you 1 coin for every gray card that you have, your left opponent has and your right opponent has


Purple cards (special profession cards) give you special goods at the end of the game.

This card will give you 2 final points for every blue card that your left and right opponents have

This card will give you 2 final points for every miracle state that you, your left opponent and your right opponent has built.

This card will give you 2 final points for every brown, gray and purple card you have.


When you start the game you get random miracle to play. You can choose which side you want to play (A or B).
Every miracle has 3 states represented by crystal balls.

Inside it has different goods that will give you after you build it.
Here are some special goods:

This lets you play for FREE one card of the remaining thrown cards.
It is one time use at the epoch in which you built the miracle state.

This lets you copy for FREE one purple card from your left or right player.
It is one time use at the end of the game.

The other goods that wonder gives are final points, soldiers, trade benefits, free resrouces and coins.


At the end of the game (after epoch 3) final points are calculated from the miracles, from blue cards, red cards, purple cards, yellow cards and green cards.

The coins you have are also turned into final points. For every 2 coins you have - you will get 1 final point.

Winner is the player who has most final points.
Good luck!