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VIP means you are special user. Activating VIP you will get:
  • Credits in the site
  • No ads
  • Showing avatars in full size
  • Who saw my profile yes
  • More chat smiles
  • Sending offline chat messages
  • More colors in chat
  • Above other players in chat list
  • Color tables on top
  • Scrabble reporting words
  • Mutual history/statistics with others
  • Games history
  • Participate in rankings

Can bet and win credits and also can buy items in games
No ads like this and no waiting before looby or game opens
By clicking on somebodys avatar you can see his full image picture
You will get notifications with people who saw your profile
You get extra smiles and meme images memes
In the lobby chat you can send offline messages to users who left the chat and they will get the message when they log in
You will get much more colors in the chat and your chat messages will be seen much easier
You will always be on top of other users and your icon will be different
Your tables in the lobby will be always on top and you will be able to faster find opponent to play
You can suggest words for adding or removing from Scrabble dictionary memes

You can see mutual statistics between you and any other player
mutual statistics
You can also see mutual history of games between you and any other player
obshta istoriq

You can see your and other players history istoriq

You can participate in the rankings for every game and become famous player
obsht chat