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There are no tournaments in this category
There are no tournaments in this category
There are no tournaments in this category
1) Tournamenta are set of game tables after which one winner remains
Depending on how many people are registered - there could be 2 or more tournament tables. Winners for every tables play in new table..and so on until remains one winner. The less players register for tournament - the bigger is your chaance to win. The prize for every tournament is VIP activation for days/weeks or months.

2) To play in tournament - you have to register before it begins
This is done by clicking on "REGISTER" button in this page. Every player with at least 100 LAN points can register. Read more for LAN points HERE

3) Two minutes before the tournament start - every players MUST be in the game lobby
Lobby we call the page in which the games are scheduled - i.e. the page with chat and players list. When the tournament begins - dialog is shown to indicate that the tournament is starting. Everybody who is not in the lobby when this dialog shows - gets disqualified and losts 100 ELO points. Read more for ELO points HERE

4) In tournament tables there is no waiting for all players to start
Unlike regular tables where is necessary everybody to open the game window to start - in tournaments there is no such thing. Tournament tables start 20 seconds after the "start game" button appears.

5) In tournament tables if you lost - your ELO points will remain the same
This means that your RANK won't change if you win or lose. Read more for ELO points HERE

6) Players for every tournament table are randomly selected
This means that if you are lucky you can play agains weeker players and win easilly, while in other tables can play only good players.

7) In some cases is possible that there is no table for you and you have to wait for next tournament table
In this case you have to wait some game to end. Then you play agains the winner of this table and you get one step closer to winning because others were fall away but not you.

8) When the tournament starts in lobby will appear button "Tournament tables"
Using this button you can watch other tournament tables. Good luck!

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