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Bug report
Q) The games does not start
A) The games does not start: There are serveral reasons for that:
1) Your antivirus program blocks the connection to our servers.
We have found out that the following antivirus software, may cause this problem:
-Avast Internet Security
-McAfee Total Protection 2011
-AVG Internet Security 2012
-Bitdefender Total Security 2012
You can solve the problem by disabling them or by changing their settings

2) You don't have Flash Player installed.
Please install it from here: Flash Player

3) Your browser is too old.
Please try different browser! You can also try installing new version of your current one.
Most popular browsers are: Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari

4) The game does not support this language.
Nothing you can do but wait until we make the game available in this language (or learn new language)

If you tried all this and it still does not work - please contact us, using the bug report form or here
Ranks and Lan Points and credits

Here we describe what are ranks and LAN points and how they are calculated

1) Rank system

Everybody has a rank! This is number between 1 and 6, like 1 is the worst rank and 6 is the best.

a) How is my rank calculated ?

Everybody has a ELO points, and every new user start with 1000 ELO points. Rank is calculated on that. The more ELO points you have - the better rank you have!

Here is the scale:

  • Over 3000 ELO points - Rank 6
  • Between 1800 and 3000 ELO points - Rank 5
  • Between 1300 and 1800 ELO points - Rank 4
  • Between 1100 v 1300 ELO points - Rank 3
  • Between 900 and 1100 ELO points - Rank 2
  • Under 900 ELO points - Rank 1

b) How are my ELO points calculated:

ELO points are calculated simply. It does matter how many ELO points your opponent has.

Player А (with 1300 ELO points) plays against Player B (with 1500 ELO points). If A win, he will take more ELO points than if B wins. So weak player (i.e. less ELO points) can easilly grow his rank, if wins against better player ( with more ELO points).

To calculate how much to take from the loser we use the difference between the ELO points that the players have.

Example: If the difference is from 101 to 200 points, then the winner takes:

  • 25 points, if he has more ELO points than his opponent
  • 35 points, if he has less ELO points than his opponent

Here is the whole scale:

  • Difference of 0 to 100 ELO points - you win/lose 30 ELO points
  • Difference of 101 to 200 ELO points - you win/lose 35 or 25 ELO points
  • Difference of 201 to 300 ELO points - you win/lose 40 or 20 ELO points
  • Difference of 301 to 400 ELO points - you win/lose 45 or 15 ELO points
  • Difference of 401 to 500 ELO points - you win/lose 50 or 10 ELO points
  • Difference of over 500 ELO points - you win/lose 50 or 10 ELO points

2) Credits

When become VIP every player is given credits. Those credits can be spend in items from the store, bet in games (and win more) or spend on sending video messages, gifts, statuses, etc..

When you join table which has bet - you can win all the credits from other players, or lose your bet. When game is finished with multiple winners - they split the win.

When you decide to unjoin bet table before the game is started - your credits are returned. If the game starts but do not end because of players left - credits are not returned

3) LAN points

Everybody while playing accumulates what we call LAN points. These points are related to how much the player plays, but not how good is he.

The more you play - the more points you will have!

a) How are my LAN points calculated?

Very simple - every finished game gives you 10 LAN points. These points can only increase, but not decrease (unlike ELO points)

What is VIP ? VIP is our service, which is low paid and is what makes this portal exist and grow - for you!

Users who activate VIP get many advantages over the others. If you want to know what are these advantages, click here
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Delete profile
You can request deleting your profile and all data stored at any time. Just request an account deletion/termination from 'Profile' menu -> 'Delete profile'. Then all stored user data will be deleted automatically in a 7 day time span