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Chess is free online board game for two people, which you can play in online versus real player or solo vs very good robot. The game supports valid moves highlighting, as well as last move mark and history list
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You see the initial position . Each side has 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights and 8 pawns. The chessboard must be placed between the players in such a way that the near corner square to the right of the player is white. White commences the game. Your aim is to checkmate ( capture ) your opponent's King.

After you threat your opponent's king , if your opponent can't find any appropriate square to escape his king or can't capture the attacking piece or place another piece between his king and the attacker , he is checkmated.

When you move your piece properly to a square occupied by an opponent's piece , you capture this piece . Captured piece is now out of the chessboard.

The most important chess piece is the king because if your king is captured , you lose the game. The king can move one square in any direction that is not attacked by an opponent’s piece. If it is attacked by an opponent’s piece , it is in check.
The king has a special move done with the rook. It is called castling.

The Queen can move any number of squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally . It can't move over the pieces.

The Rook can move any number of squares horizontally or vertically . It can't move over the pieces.

The Bishop can move any number of squares diagonally . It can't jump over the pieces.

The Knight's move is as a letter "L" .
1- It moves two squares horizontally and one square ahead or backward
2- It moves two squares vertically and one square left or right.
Only the Knight can jump over the other pieces.

The pawn always moves ahead. It moves one square but every pawn has right to move 2 squares ahead if it is first move . The pawn captures diagonally , but only 1 square ahead.
Pawn promotion :
If a pawn reaches the rank furthest at the opponent side , it is promoted to Queen ,Rook, Knight or Bishop . It cannot become a King or a pawn .

The player has no legal move to do while his king is not in check. This is stalemate and the game is drawn.

Other conditions for the drawn:
- Both of the player can not checkmate the opponent's king
- Players agree on the drawn during the game.
- Any identical position is about to appear or has appeared on the chessboard at least three times.
- If each player has made the last 50 consecutive moves without the movement of any pawn and without the capture of any piece.

A player who draws his game scores 1/2 point. A player who wins scores 1 point, a player who loses has 0 point.

Touched pieces
This rule is using during the tournaments matches. You must move with the first piece you touched if possible. If it is not possible you may make any move you want. You must capture the first piece you touched. If it is not possible you may make any move you want.

Chess notation
You can write the chess moves and describe the play by using algebraic chess notation

Chess openings
There are different starting moves. These are very deeply analyzed and played by the chess grandmasters. A lot of variations are created. These moves are called chess openings. In order to be a good player you should learn at least some of these openings.