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  • Players:2 to 4
  • Added:06.04.2012
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Draw It is free online multiplayer game in which you have to guess word, painted by your opponents or you have to paint it and they have to guess it.
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DrawIt Rules:

Draw It can be played from 2 to 8 people. The game play is as follows:
First player starts drawing (turn order is random). He must draw the given word - as fast as possible and as accurate as possible.

The other players see in real time his drawings, but they can't see the word, but only letters they can use to guess the word. These letters are shuffled and they are more than the letters used in the word. The one who guess the word first, wins the round and new one is started. New word is given to the next player and now the player who was drawing before - must guess the new word. At the end of every round (after everybody has drawn), are dealt the draw points - the most of the points go to player which word was guessed faster, and so on..


(Note: N is number of players in the game)

Points are given for 2 tings: guessing and drawing.

Points for guessing - N points are given to those who guessed in the round.

Points for drawing - they are given at the end of every round to people who's words are guessed.
To the fastest player are given N points.
To the next one are given N-1 points, and so on to the last player which gets 1 point

If the drawn word was not guessed by anybody (all guess players are clicked "Cancel"), the drawer does not get points for drawing.

The game continues until certain amount of rounds are passed, which depends on the game type (the base game type is 3 rounds).

At the end of the game, the player with most points is winner.
If there are more than one player with most points (same points) then they are all winners.


Drawer is not allowed to paint the word letters!!! If he do so, his account can be suspended without further notice. This game is made for fun, so do not cheat. If you can't draw the word itself, think of other stuff you can draw, that can be associated to the word. Happy painting :)