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ONLINE Farm Builder (Carcassonne)

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  • Players:2 to 5
  • Added:18.05.2015
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Farm Builder is online strategy board game similar to Carcassonnefor 2-5 players, in which you have to build cities, roads, cloisters and score points. Good luck
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RULES OF Farm Builder

The idea of this strategy puzzle board game is to construct farms, roads and surround windmills and water-towers in order to make points.
There are 80 tiles that are used to construct the game map.
It is multiplayer turn based game, which is played by 2 to 5 people and the winner is the player who manages to score the most.

Base rules

To make scores you have to own a completed farm, road, windmill or water tower.
This is done by placing farmers and tractors (pieces) which indicate that you own the property.
Let’s look at these pieces:

1) Farmers
Farmers are used on cities, roads, windmills and water- towers.
Once put there they indicate that you own the property on that tile.
Farmers on cities score 4 points for every tile which is part of the completed farm.
Farmers on roads score 2 points for every tile part of the completed road.
Farmers on windmills score 36 points when they are completed. Windmill is complete when is surrounded with tiles from every side (4 point per tile x 9 tiles = 36 points).
Farmers on water-towers score 18 points when water-tower is completed. Windmill is complete when is surrounded with tiles from every side (2 point per tile x 9 tiles = 18 points).
When farm, road, windmill or water-tower is complete – the farmer is returned back to the player.

2) Tractors
Tractors are used on grass fields and they score points at the end of the game. They score by 5 points for every completed farm that is lying in their grass field.
Tractors once placed are not returned back to the player. They stay there until the end of the game.

Playing the game

Every player can place 1 piece per turn. Next tile is taken from the upper right corner and dragged to the place, desired by the player.
Then the green OK button is clicked to confirm the place.
Once the place is confirmed, a piece can be placed on the currently placed tile.
When piece placing is done (or not) – the green OK button must be pressed to complete the turn.
Positioning of the tiles must be in such an order, so the road connects to road, farm to farm and grass to grass.

Completed roads

Completed roads are roads which have endings on both sides. Example:

In this case the road is giving 6 points (3 x 3 for every tile that participates in the road)
Ending tiles are crossroads , lakes, water-towers, windmills and road farms. Example:

Completed farms

Completed farms are farms which have completed fence (border). Example:

In this case the farm is small and is giving 8 points (2 x 4 for every tiles that participates in the farm)
Ending tiles are tiles which have part of farm + fence. Example:

Note: egg icon on farm scores double points for every tile it appears on (8 points)

Completed windmills and water-towers

To complete a windmill or water-tower you have to place a farmer on it and surround it with tiles of any type. Example:


Fields are connected grass field tiles. Fields are scored at the end of the game.
Fields score points when they are neighboring on completed farms
Different fields can be separated by roads, farms and at the edge of the area where the field tiles are placed.

In this example there are 3 different fields. If the game ends at this point – only the second farm will score 5 points, because it is neighboring on 1 completed farm

Final scoring

At the end of the game (when all the tiles are placed) are scored not only the fields, but the incomplete roads, farms and water towers.
Incomplete road scores 2 point by tile on which it goes.
Incomplete farm scores 2 point by tile on which it appears.
Incomplete water-tower scores by 2 points for every surrounding tile.
Incomplete windmill – does not score any points.

Note: windmills are similar to water towers. Difference is that windmills score double points than water-towers, but windmills does not score any points at the game end if they are not completed.


In some cases completed farm or completed road can be owned by 2 or more players.
This happens when later placed tile connects two or more different incomplete farms/roads.
In this case every one of these players gets the score for it.
The same rule is valid for fields too. Eventually several fields can be joined and they will score their players the same way.